Pork Profile to Get Boost


GUELPH, Ont. — Ontario Pork is beefing up its profile with a new marketing strategy aimed at educating consumers.

More than 1,600 posters featuring honey garlic back ribs will decorate Toronto’s transit system in May and June, while this week online video recipes will debut in Metroland’s WhatsUpWebTV.com and the Hamilton region’s DailyWebTV.com.

Web research on the matter has illuminated the fact that many consumers are unsure how to cook pork, said Keith Robbins, director of Communications and Consumer Marketing for Ontario Pork.

“Encouraging consumers to identify and purchase Ontario pork products is certainly a goal of our producers,” said Wilma Jeffray, chair of Ontario Pork. “Many consumers naturally assume the pork they buy is from Ontario, or even from Canada, and that might not be the case. Seeing the Foodland Ontario logo or asking for Ontario pork will help grocery shoppers find our products more easily.”

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