Potato Power


HERMANVILLE, P.E.I. — When it comes to the food world, Prince Edward Island is known for shellfish, potatoes and, well, more shellfish. As it turns out though, two industrious islanders have turned one of those commodities, potatoes, into more than just french fries, and upper Canadian imbibers are only now getting a taste.

Announced as part of the June 12 Vintages release at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Prince Edward Distillery Potato Vodka, produced by Arla Johnson and Julie Shore, looks to make a big splash in this summer’s cocktail scene.

Why use potatoes?, some may ask. “Potatoes produce the smoothest vodka possible,” reads the distillery’s website. “Since we’sre located in Prince Edward Island, we’ve got access to some of the finest potatoes in the world. The proof is in the taste and texture. Vodka made from potatoes is noted for its lightly creamy texture. Its taste is silky and smooth. Prince Edward Vodka uses world famous, locally grown Prince Edward Island potatoes exclusively to craft vodka we think you’ll find exceptional.”

According to the tasting notes from the LCBO, this latest vodka to crash the crowded premium market has “bold fruity custard and dusty burlap grain bag aromas, reminiscent of grappa or distiller’s high wine and follow through on rich, supple entry to a fruity medium-to-full body with raisin box, white chocolate and plum jam notes. [It] finishes with a spicy, talc and dusty grain fade, [and is] a very unique, flavourful and spicy if somewhat rustic, vodka.”

Photo courtesy of Prince Edward Distillery.

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