Prairie Farmers Discuss Future of Canadian Wheat Board


REGINA — Hundreds of Prairie farmers gathered in Regina recently to discuss the future of the Canadian Wheat Board, an organization with a single-desk selling system that could be dismantled by federal government legislation next year, The Canadian Press reports.

At present, the Board is the only organization that buys wheat and barley from Prairie farmers. After purchase, it exports the products to foreign markets. Some farmers argue the Board’s monopoly protects them from losses when markets are low, while others say they want more freedom.

“I don’st have to sit beside a computer and decide who pays me the most money,” Edward Sagan, a Melville, Sask., farmer told CP. “I sell my grain to the Wheat Board, and they do the rest. They do the marketing for me.”

Those who welcome the change argue choice is paramount. “I want to see a strong Board as an alternative in the marketplace to the multinationals, but I want the freedom of choice,” Richard Crewe, another Melville farmer, told the news outlet.

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