Prime Pubs Launches New Food Promise


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Prime Pubs, which includes Fionn MacCool’s and D’Arcy McGee’s, is introducing a Bold New Food Promise — a new menu featuring ingredients sourced from responsible Canadian farms and an ongoing commitment to supporting local charities.

“When it comes to food, we don’t believe feeding people is enough. Like the old village pub which served food sourced from its community, we think our guests should know where their food comes from and that means responsible, Canadian farms they can trust,” says Grant Cobb, senior vice-president, Casual Brands, Cara Operations Limited. “We’re very proud to serve Beretta beef raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids, chicken raised by Canadian farmers and cod caught sustainably.”

Through this national initiative, Fionn MacCool’s and D’Arcy McGee’s scrutinized and adjusted its beef, chicken, fish, egg and potato programs and partners:

• Steak and beef partner is Beretta Farms, a network of multi-generational farms and ranches across Canada which pasture raise their beef as humanely as possible, without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.
• Chicken dishes are made with chicken breasts and thighs raised by Canadian farmers.
• To ensure the long-term health and stability of Canada’s fish and oceans, the menu features cod dishes made with Ocean Wise wild cod caught sustainably.
• Eggs come from cage-free hens which are free to socialize and move about in an open-concept barn environment with unrestricted access to feed and clean water.
• Fries are made with 100-per-cent Canadian-grown potatoes, from Valley Growers fifth-generation family farms in Ontario and Cavendish Farms in Alberta.

With its new menu, Fionn MacCool’s and D’Arcy McGee’s is also introducing a Pint Philanthropy Program; 50 cents from every Mill St. Original Organic Pint sold will be donated to the individual Pub’s local charity of choice.

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