Product Preview: Equipping the New Normal


The Carter Hoffmann Pick-Up Cabinets (PUC) are designed to streamline your no-contact carry-out business. The PUC offers the latest technology in mobile ordering and pickup for busy restaurants, convenience stores and retail. The system is complete with all of the technology for ordering online or from a mobile app. Heated and ambient cabinets are available and can be configured for your operation. The system features connected touchscreens for order fulfillment, cabinet stocking and pickup, as well as data collection and analytics for kitchen management — improving speed of service and labor cost. It also provides added safety, as secure cabinets can be opened with a pin or QR code.

Bar Maid
Bar Maid’s FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal is a patented one-way valve that allows water and solids to flow down the drain, while preventing odours, sewer gases and insects, such as fruit flies and cockroaches, from entering up through the floor-drain grate. The reversing airflow of unprotected floor drains can also pose a health hazard, allowing the aerosolization of pathogens and migration of not only foul odours, but also harmful and potentially flammable gases out of the drain. The FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal acts as a vapour barrier to help prevent gases, such as methane, hydrogen sulfide and radon, from infiltrating the living or workspace, improving indoor air quality.

Rosemount Sales & Marketing has added 1/2-inch All White Cooked Diced Turkey to its offerings. Similar to the chicken line, Rosemount Cooked Diced Turkey has zero additional ingredients, is low in fat and sodium, high in protein and is ready for your recipe. Fully cooked and diced into bite-sized pieces, Cooked Diced Turkey allows for easier preparation of meals within the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework.

Bon Chef
Bon Chef Acrylic Safety Shields are the instant pop-up solution for retail checkout lines, hotel reception and any other interactive activities. Featuring an optically clear, sleek design, these shields provide convenient and practical protection. Support and strength are enhanced by a 24-inch stainless steel channel.

Tableware Solutions
Tableware Solutions is finding solutions to help restaurateurs in today’s COVID-19 reality. These decorative PVC separating walls work as a social-distancing barrier to help protect the safety of staff and guests while maximizing your establishment’s capacity. The standard KIT2C-PAN kit is 140-cm high by 100-cm wide and available in a floral or geometric motif. The KIT6D-PAN is an expansion kit that includes an additional PVC panel and post to extend the length of the wall.

Georgia Pacific
The Dixie Ultra SmartStock Wrapped Cutlery Dispensing System is an innovative system specifically designed to help foodservice operators improve hygiene, increase food safety, reduce waste and improve operator efficiency. The Dixie Ultra SmartStock Wrapped Cutlery Dispensing System is a first-of-its-kind cutlery dispensing solution that delivers wrapped cutlery one utensil at a time. The premium Dixie system helps provide a number of benefits to foodservice owners, operators, maintainers and guests.

T&S Brass
Protect the health of your customers and employees by retrofitting your current faucet with a T&S sensor faucet, such as the EC-3105 or EC-3105-HG. You can use your existing sink and no electricity is required since all units come standard with a battery-power option. Installation is quick and simple.

Portable Sanitary Safety Shields from QualServe are highly adaptable and easy to clean protective barriers that limit and reduce exposure between your employees and customers. Available in four models, the shields are constructed from durable .25 Acrylic.

Designed for medium-to-large food orders, Vollrath’s tower bags are constructed with high-performance thermal insulation that
maintains food temperature and quality. An optional wireframe insert and a headrest strap and sleveling wedge are available to keep the bag and its contents secure during transportation. Super durable, high-quality moisture-resisstant outer-shell material shelters food from the elements to ensure it arrives as intended. Bags feature nylon, zipped PVC window pockets for housing order slips, menus, brochures, change, delivery instructions or custom advertising and branding. A metal steam-exhaust-port lets harmful moisture out while maintaining food quality and strong, heavy-duty double carry straps make delivery comfortable and easy.

G.E.T. Enterprises
G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC — supplier of dinnerware, drinkware and display ware for commercial foodservice — has identified unique serving solutions for contactless foodservice, helping operators and guests stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. G.E.T.’s Eco-Takeouts reusable to-go containers help restaurant and senior-living operators make the rapid switch to to-go food while saving significant money and waste over using Styrofoam. Quick-serve and fast-food restaurants can opt for G.E.T.’s unique serving trays for contactless handoff via the drive-thru or curbside service. The trays feature four built-in cup holders, preventing drinks from spilling during handoff.

Now more than ever, food-preparation equipment must meet incredibly high standards of clean. Restaurants must wash their wares in a safe, sanitary way. MEIKO dishwashers deliver. After just one wash cycle in a MEIKO flight-type, rack conveyor, door-type or undercounter dishwasher, wares are sanitized to a level that renders the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus harmless.

MEIKO was awarded official certificates from the HycCen Institute — a renowned independent-testing laboratory in Germany — which confirm that MEIKO machines not only meet the minimum requirements for eradicating the envelope-type viruses, it exceeds them.

Tock, the reservation system used by more than 3,000 restaurants worldwide, pivoted their operations and build a tool to help restaurants offer pickup and delivery—without paying the 30 per cent commission fees many of the online-ordering apps charge. At only three per cent, restaurants can keep more of their own profits.

Bevolution Group
In response to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, Bevolution Group is adding a new product to its lineup of smoothie and cocktail mixers, enhanced waters and hand sanitizers. While antibacterial hand sanitizer greatly differs from the premium and super-premium beverages Bevolution Group normally makes, being nimble and responsive is one of its core values. The company’s first batch of Refrasia Care Hand Sanitizer was produced in its Frostproof, Fla. facility on April 14 and began shipping immediately. “We’re proud to be part of the solution during the nation’s time of need,” says CEO Sam Lteif. Repurposing the supply chain to make and distribute anti-bacterial was an easy decision, he explains. “It’s about making a positive impact in the lives of our partners and the community.” Some of the first cases of hand sanitizer from the inaugural production run were donated to local community.

The GemX IntelliFresh Commercial Coffee Brewerwith FreshTrac can help bring autonomy to brewing operations. The GemX comes loaded with technologies proven to make gourmet-coffee brewing easy for all skill levels. Curtis FreshTrac technology replaces audible alarms and mechanical timers with a simple, intuitive and customizable system of three LEDs that glow and flash, letting operators track coffee freshness from across the room.

McCormick Canada
Smoky Cedar seasoning is a deliciously unique blend infused with the tang of lemon, garlic, spices and cedar-smoke flavour for a light and smoky finish. Use on proteins by lightly brushing with oil and shake on seasoning before grilling, broiling or baking. Adds great cedar-smoke flavour to beef, poultry, pork, salmon, vegetables, rice or even to flavour or rim a feature cocktail.

The 4DET-306-01 infrared forehead thermometer is specifically designed for use on the forehead. The no-contact device imeasures body temperature by detecting the intensity of infrared light emitted from the forehead. It converts the measured heat into a temperature reading displayed on the LCD. The Health Canada-approved device boasts accuracy of ±0.2°C between 35.5°C and 42°C (±0.4°F between 89.6°F and 109.4°F) in Forehead Mode and a response time of approximately one second.

Square offers tools to run your restaurant — even when it’s not business
as usual. To reach more customers, create a free online store that syncs with your inventory and social. Keep sales coming in with contactless-delivery, curbside-pickup and shipping options.

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