Product Preview: Hybrid Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser


TORONTO — When restaurants re-open, customers and employees will need to see visible evidence of their plan for protection.

Operators can encourage healthy hand hygiene in restrooms and kitchen-prep areas with the San Jamar Hybrid Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser.

The dispenser is the very best of both worlds — featuring touchless dispensing and manual push-bar operation when batteries are low. Replace that germ-diffusing air dryer with single-use paper towels that dispense automatically with a wave of the hand. Pair the towel dispenser with a touchless soap and sanitizer dispenser for a completely hands-free experience.

The Hybrid Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser has a unique manual back up when batteries are low. It has the same great features of the Smart System.

Find more details here or email [email protected].

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