Product Showcase: Products to Help Operators During COVID-19


Lamb Weston
Now more than ever, consumers are craving classic comfort-food items. CrispyCoat Crispy on Delivery 3/8” Regular Cut Skin-On fries have an even-batter coating, delivering crispiness while extending hold time. This revolutionary regular cut skin-on fry provides exceptional delivery and takeout characteristics, maintaining crispiness up to 30 minutes when using vented packaging. The skin-on cut provides a unique, back-of-house appearance, perfect for any location.

In light of recent events, Scotsman is seeing a higher interest in it touch-free Meridian ice and water dispensers. The Meridian models utilize infrared sensors to dispense everyone’s
favourite H 2 nugget ice and water, eliminating the need to physically touch the dispenser and providing a more sanitary operation. Its AquaArmor and AgION coatings help inhibit the growth of microbes, bacteria, mold and algae.

Hatco’s lightweight, clear, transparent polycarbonate Cashier Shield can help in the effort to prevent the spread of germs and viruses at checkout registers, restaurants and other critical areas. It acts as a physical barrier to help stop contagions beyond the shield and helps maintain social distance and physical separation in order to protect customers and employees alike. Cashier Shield can stand on its own and does not require tools for assembly. Feet can be secured to the surface using mounting screw holes if desired. The shields can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners.

Get an easier way to great bacon. Now, more than ever, efficient labour and time is critical and HORMEL BACON 1 Perfectly Cooked Bacon can help by providing perfect bacon in just five minutes. This bacon looks, tastes and performs like a cooked-from-raw product. It can be prepared quickly, with 95-per-cent less grease and less mess, making it ideal for takeout, delivery and peak-volume demands. 

TouchBistro has launched Restaurant Recovery Navigator as a go-to-source for information and one-on-one support to help restaurateurs now and in the future, as well as TouchBistro Online Ordering for restaurants to take orders on their own websites and keep 100 per cent of the profits. Online Ordering is available free for 12 months. The company is also offering TouchBistro Gift Cards license-fee free for three months.

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