Protein Power


Aroma Espresso Bar launches new protein-packed plant-based vegan “power burger”

This summer, Aroma Espresso Bar added a new Power Burger to its menu. The hearty and nutritious protein-packed plant-based burger has all the taste of a classic hamburger. Among the first restaurants in Toronto to offer this all-natural vegan patty, the Power Burger is available for a limited time at nearly all locations.

“Our Power Burger is the best-tasting vegan burger out there and we challenge anyone to come in and try one,” says Neil Creighton, director of Food and Beverage at Aroma Espresso Bar. “It will blow people’s minds how much it tastes like a traditional hamburger, yet is entirely plant-based and really represents the evolution of sustainable food production.”

The all-new Power Burger has 35 grams of protein packed into a 4oz all-natural vegan patty made with ingredients from non-GMO sources, including pea protein and beet extract. Grilled to order, the Power Burger is served on a toasted brioche-style vegan bun with housemade avocado spread, sautéed Portobello mushroom, baby kale, red onion, sundried tomato pesto and mustard, alongside a salad of roasted carrots, roasted red pepper, arugula and almonds. The dish is priced at $12.95 (price subject to change).

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