Pusateri’s Expands Meal-Donation Initiative


TORONTO — In July, Toronto-based Pusateri’s committed an additional 15,000 meals to support local food banks through its Feeding-our-City initiative.

“Thousands of individuals need emergency food support as many have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. Through Feeding our City, Pusateri’s will be able to deliver nearly 400 meals per day to food banks as they struggle to navigate growing food shortages,” says Frank Luchetta, president and CEO of Pusateri’s. “After years of working with a number of food banks, including Daily Bread Food Bank, we’re acutely aware that the number of individuals who go hungry each day is staggering and COVID-19 has only exacerbated that fact.”

During COVID-19, the Daily Bread Food Bank saw a 35-per-cent increase in food-bank use in Toronto.

The initiative is an extension of Feeding our Heroes, which originally launched in April to provide meals to frontline healthcare workers in Toronto, and aims to help more people in Toronto.

“We’re asking for any food banks in Toronto, no matter how big or small, to submit their organizations for our initiative,” says Luchetta. “We want to be able to reach as many families as we possibly can and are asking for our city’s support to share who might need these meals the most right now.”

There is no qualification to be eligible for Feeding our City, except to be located in Toronto and be registered as a food bank or charity. Food banks can submit themselves to the Feeding-our-City initiative or community members can submit on behalf of an organization. The link is now live and food banks will be supported on a first come, first serve basis until all 15,000 meals are delivered.

Each meal donated will include a pre-packaged Pusateri’s meal with sides and a snack.

“As a community, we realize the impact that COVID-19 has on nearly every element of our lives,” says Luchetta. “As businesses re-open and we try to move forward, it’s important to remember that we have people and communities that are still struggling. We’re so inspired seeing other companies and organizations mobilizing for a good cause over the last few months, and we hope we can be part of lending a helping hand with Feeding our City.”

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