Q&A with Greg Boyer, director of Marketing, McCain


With such serious advances in foodservice technology, automation and third-party delivery apps, innovation in product development has become increasingly important for foodservice suppliers. Greg Boyer, Marketing director at McCain Foods, talks about what went into the design and launch of the company’s new McCain SureCrisp fries.

Q: We’ve all had a disappointing delivery experience that’s included soggy French fries. How do McCain SureCrisp fries stand out from the crowd?

A: One of the biggest issues when it comes to delivery is consistency and quality control, and customer expectations aren’t being met when it comes to French fries. Instead, many consumers are experiencing soggy and limp fries. The result is one of the most-profitable sides for operators is being ordered for delivery less often.

As the category leader in foodservice, McCain identified the challenge operators have in ensuring customer satisfaction when it comes to delivery fries. Our market-leading innovation team developed SureCrisp, a game-changing fry that allows you to offer a consistently crispy fry across delivery, takeout and on-premise environments.

Q: How were SureCrisp fries developed and how can you ensure crispness for up to 30 minutes after cooking?

A: McCain challenged its R&D teams around the world to develop a solution that delivers the quality French fry you’ve come to expect from McCain. The solution is SureCrisp. When our potatoes are gently tossed in the light vegetable-based batter, the result is a French fry that holds its crispiness for an extended period of time — up to 30 minutes — while still delivering on taste.

Q: Demand for delivery service is higher than ever in Canada. How does McCain work to facilitate the needs of foodservice operators looking to offer faster, better delivery offerings?

A: As the ‘digital-ordering’ segment of restaurant sales is projected to increase from 6.1 per cent in 2018 to more than 10 per cent by 2023 (Foodservice Digital Disruption Report), modernizing in this changing environment will be critical to avoid falling behind. McCain is a solution-oriented and reliable partner. We take the time to get to know what keeps operators up at night and work to provide solutions. 

Simplifying back-end operations is an important part of building a successful restaurant. In this sense, McCain products do double-duty — frozen items help prepare chefs, owners and operators for any unpredictable surges in holiday traffic, while also providing the always-ready foundational ingredients to build your own signature menu items.   

Q: French fries are the most-ordered side dish in North America. How can foodservice operators innovate in this area?

A: At McCain, we strive to find flavours that fit with what consumers are looking for and provide interesting offerings. Some of our efforts in the past couple of years have been around how to upgrade a French fry with things like chives and cheese, to inspire recipes that are exciting. Flavour is one area where operators can look to innovate, but there’s also room for innovation when it comes to size and shape offerings.

Q: When you market McCain SureCrisp fries, what message are you sending Canadian diners?

McCain French fries have been served to consumers in restaurants and at home for more than 60 years. Whether it’s a busy, independent pub, casual restaurant or quick-service restaurant, McCain has been there to provide the very best French fries. Now, as we’re seeing increased orders being placed for takeout and delivery, we remain committed to ensuring your customers can enjoy the best and crispiest fry.

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