QSRP Partners with Foodtastic to Expand O’Tacos to Canada


MONTREAL — Foodtastic has partnered with QSRP to expand O’Tacos throughout Canada by opening 50 stores. Additionally, QSRP will expand Pita Pit in France and Western Europe by opening 50 stores.

Over the coming weeks, teams from Foodtastic will travel to Europe to learn all the ins and outs of O’Tacos. The European team will in return come to Canada to start the construction process for the first opening in Q2 of 2023.

“Foodtastic has proven to be a leading operator in Canada and is therefore the perfect partner to expand the O’Tacos brand in North America. There are no limits to our hunger to keep on developing our brands, focusing on innovation, creating new partnerships where our guest is always in the center of our mind,” says Alessandro Preda, CEO of QSRP.

“QSRP is one of the fastest growing and leading operations in France and Western Europe. We look forward to working closely with them on this bilateral initiative to expand O’Tacos in Canada and Pita Pit in France and Western Europe,” says Peter Mammas, CEO of Foodtastic.

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