Quebec Retroactively Increases Alcohol Taxes


QUEBEC — The foodservice industry is responding to the Quebec budget, announced yesterday, which highlighted an increase in taxes on alcohol and requires restaurants and pubs to pay the additional taxes on bottles they have already purchased.

“The increase in the special tax on alcohol of 50 cents per litre for wine and spirits and 17 cents for beer will have a major impact on restaurants with alcohol permits,” said Jean Lefebvre, the CRFA’s VP, Quebec. “The retroactive nature of this tax is unacceptable for an economic sector that employs over 200,000 people in all regions of Quebec.”

The new tax on alcohol will go into effect Tuesday night by three cents per bottle for beer, 17 cents per bottle for wine and 26 cents per bottle for spirits at pubs and restaurants across the province. The increases will apply to bottles already in stock when the budget was tabled.

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