Quiznos U.S. Franchisees Form New Association


DENVER, Colo. — Quiznos has recently announced the formation of a Quiznos Franchisee Association (QZFA).

The association’s goal is  “to provide Quiznos franchise owners a platform to advocate for improved profitability, transparency, and stronger franchisor-franchisee relationships in order to enrich the value of the Quiznos brand.” Those were the words of QZFA vice-president Michael Slater, who recently spoke to QSR Magazine. “This is a pivotal time for Quiznos franchise owners; we now have an opportunity to unite on common issues and protect our investments for the future of our businesses.” All Quiznos franchise owners are eligible for QZFA membership through a soon-to-be opened website or through Twitter account (@QFranchisees and Facebook. [QZFA is for] Quiznos franchise owners who desire to have a voice in how their business is operating,” said Steve Bawden, executive director.

QZFA’s leadership includes Kevin Tackett, president; Michael Slater, vice president; Keith Rentschler, secretary and treasurer. Board members and directors are: Robert Caldwell, Andre Bonyadian, Randy Hart, Tushar Patel.

An estimated 100 Canadian Quiznos franchisees formed a Denver Subs Canadian Franchisee Association (DSCFA) in 2006 which remains active and maintains a website. The news of the formation of QZFA was posted on its website without comment on August 26. DSCFA had a rocky start being challenged by the Colorado-based franchisor in Ontario courts as reported in legal websites: bizpop.ca and canlii.org.

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