Radiation Testing Introduced at Tradex


VICTORIA, B.C. — As concern over radioactive contamination of the food system in hurricane-ravaged Japan continues, the Victoria-based seafood purveyor Tradex Food has released an action plan to address the concern.

“Effective immediately, Tradex Foods is adopting a strict Radiation Testing Policy with regard to raw materials used in production in China,” reads a press release, explaining how the company intends to ensure all its food meets food safety and quality standards. “We will do extensive testing on raw materials caught in FAO Statistical Area 61 and periodic testing on raw materials caught in FAO Statistical Areas 18, 71 and 67. We are also implementing regular testing of the fresh water used in production plants in China.”

Accredited labs, authorized by the China Government Inspection Bureau, will perform the testing, providing analysis and a report, which will be accessible to the public.

Tradex distributes 45-million pounds of frozen seafood across North America and the world every year.


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