RATIONAL Canada Launches iCombi Pro Product Line


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — RATIONAL has launched the iCombi Pro in Canada. This next-generation family of combi ovens is now available from RATIONAL dealers nationwide.

The iCombi Pro offers commercial kitchens higher productivity, shorter cooking times and lower energy consumption compared to the previous model, while still providing outstanding consistency of results, even at full loads.

New, market-leading features include time- and energy-optimized cooking for high-production kitchens. The iCombi Pro indicates which foods can be cooked together and items can be prepared as quickly as possible, produced in the most energy-efficient way or sequenced to be ready at a specified time. The iCombi Pro will tell operators when to load and take out each food item to align with the production plan.

Additionally, chefs can intervene when using an automatic cooking path. It’s also possible to switch from cooking just one type of food to a mixed load with different foods on each shelf. When this happens, the iCombi Pro will update the cooking parameters and automatically adjust the temperature and cooking times for each item.

Another breakthrough feature is the ultra-fast, approximately 12-minute interim cleaning cycle. This ensures minimal downtime by quickly eliminating cooking smells and preparing the iCombi for its next use.

“Beyond the outstanding cooking results, the new iCombi Pro offers operators the opportunity to improve their kitchen management and business operations,” says Louis-Philippe Audette, executive vice-president for RATIONAL North America. “All commercial kitchens are under pressure to operate differently, with a heightened focus on safety, productivity and cost-efficiency. The intelligent functions of iCombi Pro help operators conquer today’s most pressing challenges.”

Sizes available range from the compact XS to the 20-full size. And, in addition to the iCombi Pro, RATIONAL released the iCombi Classic for chefs who prefer to operate in manual mode and control the heat and steam inside the cabinet themselves.

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