Rational Launches SelfCooking Center Whitefficiency


TORONTO — Rational AG, the German company renowned for its combi-steam technology, unveiled its new line of self-cooking centers to the media yesterday, Nov. 21, at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, Ont.

During the launch event, Louis-Philippe Audette, president Rational Canada, explained how the SelfCooking Center whitefficiency, is being brought to market under the tagline “where efficiency meets culinary delight.” The president continued on to explain that despite the faltering economy, Rational has kept its prices the same while guaranteeing ROI combined with the highest possible customer benefit.

Meanwhile, Rational corporate chef, Aidan Waite, demonstrated the SelfCooking Center whitefficiency’s HiDensity Control, MyDisplay and SelfCookingControl as he presented baked salmon, sirloin steak, pizza and burgers.

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