Rational wants to gain a stronger foothold in Asia and America


ROLLING MEADOWS – Rational AG has begun the year with a new Board Chairman. Dr Peter Stadelmann wants to continue the market leader in hot food preparation’s success story and expanding the lead worldwide. His motto: concentrate on what’s important.

Dr Peter Stadelmann, former Chief Human Resources Officer of Rational AG, has been Chairman of the Board since 1 January 2014. Step by step, he would like to establish Rational technology mainly in markets that still predominantly prepare food with traditional cooking appliances. After all, the market potential consists of 2.5 million professional kitchens worldwide. The company wants to gain a stronger foothold in Asia and America especially.

Dr Stadelmann will be using proven strategies in order to achieve this objective. “We must think about the roots of our success and concentrate on what’s important: providing professional chefs around the world with the best tool for cooking,” explains the Board Chairman. This means being consistent, and if necessary, saying no particularly when a decision moves too far away from the company’s primary objective: offering the customer maximum possible benefits.

The results of a market research survey conducted last year confirmed that the company has succeeded in this objective thus far. 93 percent of respondents worldwide said that no other company offers as many advantages in the professional kitchen as Rational does.

While Dr Stadelmann is delighted at such positive feedback, he does not want to rest on previous success. “We must use all of our efforts and expertise to understand how to keep inspiring our customers,” says the 49-year old, who headed operations at the Malik group of companies before his career at Rational. “It is my personal promise to our customers that we will continue to do everything possible to meet our standard of offering customers maximum possible benefits.”

His employees give Dr Stadelmann their full confidence. “Our employees at Rational work under the ‘self-management’ principle, and they have internalized and bring our unique customer benefit philosophy to life,” says Dr Stadelmann.

It’s time to conquer the professional kitchens of the world: “40 years ago, nobody would have thought that we would be where we are today,” says Dr Stadelmann and adds: “Now we must make sure that our customers’s passion for our products continues to grow over the coming decades.”

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