Ready, Set, Shoot


Headlines across the country are heralding similar news, the introduction of H1N1 immunization for healthcare workers and patrons at a higher risk for contracting the highly publicized bug.

The $300-million vaccine that Ottawa approved last week, will be given to the following people first: those under the age of 65 with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, children under the age of five and people living in First Nations or isolated communities.

New Brunswick and Quebec have already started vaccinations, but availability differs from region to region. One thing that doesn’t vary is the effect this virus has already had on the foodservice industry, as reports suggest folks have cut back on pork purchases — even though the virus is not passed on through adequately cooked pork — and the question of food safety among industry workers was further discussed.

Spanish restaurant, Silk and Soya, has addressed the ongoing concern, opening a restaurant to appeal to the customer looking to be reassured of food safety, using stringent measures to ensure safe handling, cooking and sanitation.




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