Real Sports Goes for the Big Cheese


TORONTO ―Following a handshake agreement between Cheese Boutique and Real Sports in the early days of its inception, the venerable cheese store has been cave aging a 10-foot-long, 900 lb provolone on behalf of the restaurant for 15 years – and recently it was finally ready to be sliced.

The cheese was one of the last of its kind created by the famed Italian cheesemaker Auricchio in Naples. The cheese was commissioned by Fatos Pristine after a chance meeting with the Auricchio family in Toronto in 2005.

On Thursday, November 18, MLSE’s Culinary Director, Chef Chris Zielinski and Cheese Boutique’s Maitre Fromager, Afrim Pristine, marked the first slice of the one of a kind cave aged provolone, which is believed to be one of the world’s largest, will be sliced and served to fans on one of Real Sports’ three new burgers, the Champ Burger, for a limited time while supplies last.

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