Receipe: Clam Chowder


Recipe by Earls Kitchen + Bar

Part A:
1 lb bacon (1/2 inch sliced)

Part B:
2 lbs onions (1/2-inch sliced)
1 oz black pepper
1 oz thyme
1 tbsp tarragon
8 bay leaves

Part C:
1 lb flour
1 lb butter

Part D:
½ lb clam juice

Part E:
3 L 2% milk
3L 35% cream

Part F:
2 lb celery (1/2-inch sliced half moons)
2 lb carrots (1/2-inch diced)
4 lb potatoes (1/2-inch diced)

Part G:
4 lb chopped sea clams


1. Sweat Part A until bacon is almost crispy. Meanwhile, in a separate pot, cook Part C to blonde roux over low heat. Mix Part D into the roux once it is cooked.

2. Add Part B to the cooked bacon. Sweat covered until onions are just soft and translucent.

3. Mix C/D (roux/clam base) into B (bacon/onions.) Mix in E, slowly incorporating to ensure no lumps. One way to ensure slow and thorough incorporation of fluids into the roux is to add the fluids in three stages: first the milk, then the clam juice, then the cream.

4. Add the vegetables. Bring to a high simmer, almost boiling. Simmer until vegetables are just soft.

5. Take off the heat and add the clams

6 .Remove bay leaves — can be made 24 hours in advance then place in sealed appriraty sized containers and refrigerate immediately. Hold for a maximum of four days total.

7. Before serving and while soup is heating, dice one pound of tomatoes into ½-inch dice and add

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