Smoked Oysters, Camelina Aioli


Smoked Oysters, Camelina Aioli
Recipe by Jonathan Thauberger
Executive chef at Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar, Regina, Sask.


For oysters

12 live oysters
pinch salt
pinch cayenne
pinch tarragon (chopped, fresh)

For aioli

1 egg yolk
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp chili mash (fermented)
1 tsp roasted garlic (mashed)
3 drops lemon juice (fresh)
150 ml Camelina oil



1.Shuck oysters, leave in half shell and season with salt, cayenne and tarragon
2.Place on tray and cook on smoker or barbecue (with smoker chips) on low heat
3.If using cold smoke, smoke for approximately one hour, then move the oysters to an oven set to a low temperature (195°F/90°C) until cooked through
4.Transfer to refrigerator to chill rapidly


1.Wisk together egg yolk, mustard, chili mash, garlic and lemon juice
2.While whisking, slowly add Camelina oil until the mixture becomes emulsified
3.Season to taste


1.Place the oysters on a platter (either on or off the shell). Serve aioli on side

Yield: Serves four as an appetizer

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