Recipe Unlimited Announces Support Package for Frontline Workers


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Recipe Unlimited Corporation has announced a new $500,000 support package for its Ontario corporate frontline restaurant workers.

The program will consist of direct payments to employees who would have otherwise been laid off by the province’s latest lockdown.

“The anxiety created by the roller-coaster actions of government-mandated openings and closings is having a significant financial and mental-health impact on many of our frontline teammates,” says Frank Hennessey, CEO, Recipe Unlimited Corporation. “We want to ensure that no member of our team is left unable to pay their rent or feed their families. Unfortunately, we are seeing too many instances where this support is needed.”

Previously, Recipe launched other support initiatives, including a ‘Thank You Pay’ premium in support of its employees that have provided an essential service throughout the pandemic, as well as a $35-million subsidy program for franchisees along with additional economic support through December 2020.

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