Red Barron Flies East


WATERLOO, Ont. — While Ontarians have been enjoying Maritime beer like Alexander Keith’s and Moosehead for quite some time, the Waterloo Ont.-based Brick Brewing Company is set to return the favour. The company has recently announced a sales agent agreement with AMCA Sales & Marketing for Atlantic Canada, which will continue to December 31, 2012.

Under the sales agent agreement AMCA will represent Brick brands like Red Barron, Red Cap and Formosa Springs Draft in Atlantic Canada.

“The opportunity to extend our products into Atlantic Canada presents a significant opportunity for strong organic growth of our award-winning brands and is very exciting news for Brick Brewing,” said George Croft, president and CEO. “Our vision is to be the best regional brewer and co-pack producer in Canada. We have worked very hard to find the right partner in Atlantic Canada and we believe AMCA is the perfect fit.”

“The partnership between AMCA and Brick Brewing represents a great opportunity for both companies to grow. Brick offers a wonderful portfolio of proven award-winning brands that fit well within our beverage alcohol portfolio. At AMCA we look for strategic long-term partners with a shared vision and alignment. We strongly believe that Brick Brewing represents that kind of partner,” said Shawn Hiscott, vice-president, Beverage Alcohol Division, AMCA. “We look forward to the opportunity with Brick.”


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