Redberry Group Reopens Remodelled Burger King Location


TORONTO — Redberry Group is reopening its Rockwood Mall Burger King location in Mississauga, Ont. after completely remodelling the interior and exterior of the restaurant.

The redesign is a part of the brand’s new “Burger King of Tomorrow” concept and features an outdoor digital menu board, a 24-hour drive thru and new interior/exterior enhancements.

“Our team at Redberry is embarking on an aggressive remodel plan with our partners at Burger King,” says Ken Otto, CEO of Redberry Group. “Our brand-new look at Rockwood Mall reflects the bold new direction for Burger King, as well as our commitment to providing Canadians with the best flame-grilled burger experience ever.”

The Rockwood Mall Burger King is the third location to be remodelled by Redberry this year, with plans for several more to follow.

Redberry Group’s recent increase in Burger King renovations is prompted by its acquisition by City Capital Ventures, which took place earlier this year.

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