Redberry Restaurants Earns First Canadian Franchisee-of-the-Year Award


TORONTO — Redberry Restaurants has earned Burger King’s 2021 Franchisee-of-the-Year award in its largest category (50-plus locations), marking the first time a Canadian company has won the award.

Despite COVID-19 challenges plaguing the industry, Redberry demonstrated significant growth in 2021 with the opening of 15 new Burger-King locations, Burger King renovations, one new Pizza-Hut location and a new portfolio addition through the acquisition of 14 Taco-Bell restaurants.

In addition, Redberry Restaurants has entered development agreements to build 50 new Taco-Bell locations, five Pizza-Hut locations and 168 Burger-King locations over the next five years. During that time, Redberry Restaurants will also re-model 62 existing Burger-King restaurants. After negotiating a revised credit facility of $147 million, combined with revenue generated by its restaurants, this growth will position Redberry Restaurants as the leading franchisee in Canadian QSR, with more than 385 locations across five provinces.

“The Burger King Franchisee-of-the-Year Award was the perfect finish to an outstanding year,” says Ken Otto, CEO at Redberry Restaurants. “While growth remains a central focus, we do so with the lens of creating the type of company I’ve always dreamed of working for. We’re committed to building a brand that fosters and supports our staff, encouraging them to grow and thrive with us.”

Redberry Restaurants hired nearly 4,000 new employees and promoted 341 people within its organization in 2021. “Our diverse and inclusive team is the heartbeat of our company,” says Kiran Benet, VP of Human Resources at Redberry Restaurants. “I’m inspired by their perseverance and passion.”

In terms of its operations, Redberry Restaurants experienced exceptional growth in Same Store Sales (SSS) and Same Store Traffic (SST). Its average Burger King speed of service is one of the fastest in North America. “In Redberry’s hands, the brands we represent become the best possible versions of themselves,” says Chris Racine, who was recently promoted to COO at Redberry Restaurants.

To support local communities, Redberry Restaurants actively donates to the Burger King Foundation scholarship program, increasing its donations over the last four years from $2,000 to $90,000. The company donated an additional $153,000 to Burger King Foundation’s Family Fund for a total contribution of $243,000 in 2021.

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