Redberry Restaurants Introduces New Fundraising Initiatives

Redberry Restaurant Donation Drive
Redberry Restaurants Donation Drive (CNW Group/Redberry Restaurants)

TORONTO — Redberry Restaurants has introduced two new fundraising initiatives. The first is a new twist on its annual donation drive, which engages the community to raise post-secondary school scholarship funds for employees and students in the community. Redberry is also supporting a local Ontario “Backpack Challenge” to help kids of primary school age get excited about going back to school.

Long-time employee Joe Bauer brought forward the opportunity with the annual Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) “Backpack Challenge.” Through the program, Redberry will donate 50 backpacks and food gift vouchers to families in need in the Region of Waterloo, including Cambridge, Elmira, Kitchener and Waterloo, Ont.

“As a former teacher, I have always believed in the power of education. I’m proud to champion and advocate for programs that provide educational opportunities to those in need. The Backpack Challenge is a great primary school addition to our Burger King Foundation post-secondary education support,” says Sharron Fry, director of Marketing, Redberry Restaurants.

Additionally, customers are encouraged to donate $1 for student scholarships, and in return, they will receive $1 towards their next purchase. Last year, Redberry raised more than $80,000 during the donation drive, which was topped up by other initiatives and donations for a total of $243,000. The goal is to surpass that amount by 20 per cent this year.

Applicants may be awarded scholarships (in U.S. funds) ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. To date, more than 200 Redberry employees have been recipients of the program.

Long-time employee Edna Antonio’s daughters, Cassandra and Krista, have both received scholarships to help them complete their studies.

“I’m so grateful to my Redberry community for affording my daughters the opportunity to pursue their dream careers without the added financial burden of school tuition. The future of our young generation is limitless when they have the educational resources that are now within each of my daughter’s grasp. My sincerest gratitude to Redberry and the Burger King Foundation for this opportunity,” says Antonio.

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