Renowned Restaurateur and Chef David McMillan Leaves Industry


MONTREAL — Renowned restaurateur and chef David McMillan has decided to leave the industry after recently turning 50, which he pledged to do a long time ago.

Born and raised in Quebec City, McMillan has been involved in Montreal’s restaurant scene since he was 17, beginning his career in the kitchen at Le Caveau. After 32 years as co-founder and co-owner of Joe Beef, Le Vin Papillon, Liverpool House, McKiernan and Vinette, McMillan has sold his interests in the restaurants to co-founders and co-partners Fred Morin and Allison Cunningham.

Now, McMillan seeks refuge on his farm in Saint-Armand, Que., growing vegetables, making wine and spending time with his friends and family.

In an interview with Montreal Gazette’s Bill Brownstein, McMillan said, “I spent 12 hours a day inside a window-less, white-tiled room with stainless steel and six-burner stoves. Being able to walk away from the restaurant business sometimes feels like walking away from jail.”

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