Repatriating Laura


MONTREAL — Laura Secord, the popular chocolatier chain named after Canada’s 1812 heroine, is now back in Canadian hands.

Jean and Jacques Leclerc, owners of the Nutriart Inc., purchased the century old brand from a group of U.S.-based investors for $20 million.

The new owners told the Canadian Press, that while they appreciate and respect the company’s national legacy, they intend on making a few changes to modernize the product. As such, customers can look forward to higher ratios of antioxidant-rich cocoa, as well as more treats featuring cranberries and blueberries. “There will be changes but they will be gradual,” added Leclerc in said CP story.

Nutriart Inc. is a spinoff of the family’s 105-year-old Biscuits Leclerc, based in Quebec City.


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