Report Reveals Details From Restaurant Food Poisoning Case


LAS VEGAS — A recent report has unveiled details about a possible salmonella outbreak that made 200 people sick and shuttered a Las Vegas restaurant last month.

According to the report from the Southern Nevada Health District, there were 184 confirmed cases and 16 probable cases of gastrointestinal symptoms after dining at Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas between April 21 and 24.

During an inspection, officials found various factors that could have contributed to the outbreak, including employees using bare hands to dispense ready-to-eat foods, foods contaminated by debris-filled liquid, improper cooling practices of potentially hazardous foods and inadequate cleaning and sanitizing of preparation surfaces.

The restaurant has been closed since April 24, and owner, John Simmons, announced on Facebook the restaurant will remain closed. He plans to open a new location, at 3824 Paradise Road, at the end of May.

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