Researchers Aim to Crack Lobster Conundrum


P.E.I. — Lobster are the subject of study at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) where researchers are hoping to determine how to differentiate between a meaty lobster and its counterpart in a bid to boast industry prices, according to CBC News.

Different consumers have different needs. Processors, for example, hope to crack into lobsters that haven’t just finished moulting and have lots of meat, while American consumers like soft-shelled lobsters that are easier to eat.

“There is a demand for the different quality standards, or the different quality levels of the lobster. We just need to be able to put the right lobster in the right hands,” Jean Lavallée, researcher for UPEI’s Lobster Science Centre told the CBC.

According to the CBC report, a grading system similar to what is used in the beef market is “a possibility.”

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