San Pellegrino’s Best of Best Announced


LONDON, U.K. — The news is out: the Denmark-based Noma restaurant has topped San Pellegrino’s list of best eateries in the world for the second year in a row; and Canadian restaurants have fallen off the list completely.

Last year’s list included Calgary’s Rouge Restaurant (60) and Cambridge, Ont.’s Langdon Hall (77), but this year, Canada was shut out. Steve Dolinsky, a Chicago food reporter and chairperson for the Mid-United States/Canada region of Restaurant Magazine’s 50 Best judging academy, ensured there were more Canadian judges and was flabbergasted by the results. “I can’t believe Langdon Hall isn’t in the top 100,” he is quoted as saying in the Toronto Star. “Ethnically, Canada has it all, especially in terms of Asian cuisine, and you can throw in India as well because of Vikram [Vij].”

The 10th annual awards, which were announced at a London, U.K., ceremony yesterday, April 18, also included many new entries, including the U.K.-based Ledbury (34) where French cuisine is complemented by traditional British ingredients; China’s Amber (37) where contemporary French cuisine is showcased with “on-plate” artistry; and Varvary (48), a Russian restaurant that offers a mix of the country’s traditional cuisine with contemporary flourishes.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s Frantzén/Lindeberg (57) has been earmarked as the One to Watch. “Owners Björn Frantzén and Daniel Lindeberg’s rise thus far has been nothing short of meteoric,” reads the 50 Best website. “What makes their Stockholm restaurant so exciting is there’s no traditional menu — instead they cook ‘sfree-form’s based on what comes in that day — with many dishes featuring intriguing ingredients. The result is a truly magnificent dining experience.”

For San Pellegrino’s complete World’s Best list, click here.

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