Restaurant Buzz: Deafined


2340 West 4th Ave.

Deafined is breaking down sound barriers with a new eastern Mediterranean concept staffed by deaf servers. Known for bringing the blind-dining restaurant Dark Table to Vancouver, owner, Moe Alameddine, has unveiled Deafined in Vancouver, a 65-seat restaurant (plus 25 seats on the patio) designed by Adrienne Kavanaugh, principal of AK Interiors in Vancouver. The concept promises to offer a transformative experience, as servers communicate in American Sign Language. Customers who arrive will be greeted by an interpreter, who will introduce them to their server and will be on hand to help communicate the guests’ orders; or, guests can try to sign their orders using prompts on the menu. Chefs Kristina Waldenbach and Yasser Ziyada offer various dips, ranging from hummus to baba ghanoush with mains that feature lamb, beef, fish and chicken as the centre of plate (vegan options are also available). Prices range from $7 for starters to $25 for mains.

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