Restaurant Canada Show Returns


Technology has changed how operators make their purchasing decisions, but it’s always important to take new products on a proverbial test drive. The Restaurants Canada Show, being held from March 1 to 3 at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre, allows restaurateurs to do just that. It connects nearly 13,000 foodservice industry decision-makers with more than 350 exhibitors annually.

“We’re looking to create a venue where our suppliers can engage our members and the visitors on a much higher level to ensure we’re delivering value,” said Donna Dooher, interim president and CEO at Toronto-based Restaurants Canada.

During the three-day event, show attendees will connect with industry peers, shop for products and services and sit in on seminars and culinary demonstrations about the latest innovations. “People are looking for tips, tools and ideas on how they can improve the bottom line of their hospitality operation, so a lot of the seminars will be targeted to that question,” explained Dooher.

Such insights can be found at the Barmetrix customer service and profitability workshops, which will show how to simplify a customer-service strategy, reduce staff turnover and more. Meanwhile, the molecular cuisine workshop is a hands-on session showcasing cold tools and techniques, such as liquid nitrogen and spherification. Led by chef John Placko, a leader in molecular gastronomy, the session will demonstrate how these techniques can be applied in a restaurant. “It’s not just about spending $500 for dinner on molecular gastronomy. You can incorporate some of those unique aspects into your day-to-day menu,” noted Dooher.

The themed pavilions are also popular attractions. The new Pizza Pavilion will showcase the art and craft behind making the perfect pie. Interactive demos will include a Pizza Games Showdown where acrobatic pizza tossers, box folders and dough stretchers will compete for a spot at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in late March.


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