Restaurant Consumers Rank Technology Important


CHICAGO — Chicago-based market research firm, Technomic Inc., recently reported in a white paper that smartphone-enabled conveniences have become very important to restaurant consumers, especially millennials.

“Technology-friendly service in restaurants has become important to consumers broadly, and to millennials and Generation Z customers; it’s essential,” said Colleen Rothman, manager of consumer insights, Technomic. “Consumers will continue to look to pizza chains and fast-casual brands for the latest and greatest digital platforms, but they also will expect all restaurants to integrate many technologies that have become a fact of daily life everywhere. Mobile apps for loyalty points and rewards, free Wi-Fi, and mobile ordering and payment will grow more important in the years ahead.”

According to more than 100,000 consumers polled by Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program, nearly two in five called loyalty and rewards programs important or very important to their decision to visit a restaurant. Millennials also attached greater importance to free Wi-Fi, online or mobile ordering, and mobile payment, regardless of restaurant industry segment.

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