Restaurant Servers Share Pet Peeves


It turns out, there’s a bucket list of bad behaviour exhibited by restaurant customers, so disgruntled servers and hosts vented their biggest pet peeves about serving on Reddit, reports The Huffington Post.


Complaints about the wait, drunken or obnoxious behaviour, demanding a better table or even wasting food were some of the top pet peeves posted by serving staff. One server ranted that she hates when customers try to find out about her life. “I hate when people ask me a million questions about my life. ‘Are you a student? What are you taking? Do you like it? What do you want to do with that?’ I honestly don’st know what to do with my degree, and it’s painful to explain my major life challenges to complete strangers. The weather is a much safer topic, so let’s talk about that instead of stirring up anxiety about life decisions.”

Other major offenders include asking for “a lot” and offering no tip, ordering extra sides and not touching them, and refusing to move smartphones or purses out of the way when a server is trying to set down a plate. []




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