Restaurants Canada Launches 365 Marketplace


TORONTO — Restaurants Canada, in partnership with Nextech AR Solutions, has launched 365 Marketplace, a virtual platform allowing global buyers and sellers to seamlessly interact in real-time. 

Specifically, 365 Marketplace is a blend of virtual event space and international marketplace, with up to 5,000 virtual vendor profiles serving more than 30,000 members. It also uses 3D augmented reality technology to showcase products in their truest form.

“The 365 Marketplace offers a one-stop resource for international communities to connect with the Canadian foodservice market, and vice versa,” says Roy Little, interim president and CEO, Restaurants Canada. “Our partnership with Nextech AR Solutions offers industry professionals the tools they need to help serve the Canadian market and establish global connections. We look forward to bringing the virtual 365 Marketplace platform to the industry to break down barriers and encourage business across borders as the global foodservice industry revives post-pandemic.”

“The 365 Marketplace brings the restaurant industry into the metaverse, providing a completely digital marketplace where 3D models and AR experiences, including holograms, can be utilized to connect buyers and sellers and provide a much more interactive experience than a traditional online marketplace,” says Paul Duffy, president and chairman of Nextech AR Solutions Corp. “By partnering with Nextech, and employing Nextech’s ground-breaking technology, Restaurants Canada is showing they are pioneers in the restaurant industry and are setting the stage for how business will be conducted going forward and in the future. These are truly exciting times for the Canadian food-and-beverage industry, and I’m excited to see it all unfold.”

Additionally, Restaurants Canada has partnered with Trend Hunter to gain access to industry research and insights. The Innovator Exchange program, led by Trend Hunter, will tackle the biggest issues impacting foodservice in Canada, highlight global trends, and provide tangible takeaways to create a positive impact on the industry.

“We are excited about the Restaurants Canada partnership as they fulfill the spirit of the Revival campaign in an industry that the pandemic hit the hardest. We look forward to providing a ‘Taste of the Future’ by bringing our years of trend research expertise to inspire ideas and use our Innovator Exchange program as a forum to unlock new ways the industry can create value together,” says Suresh Parmachand, CMO and Futurist ant Trend Hunter.

The 365 Marketplace and Innovator Exchange program will debut at the RC Show 2022 from May 9 to 11.

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