Riegel Started Shipping RieNu Recycled Polyester Table Linen


JOHNSTON, S.C. – In stock and now available for immediate shipment, Riegel div. Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. is turning plastic bottles into beautifully durable table linen.

RieNu by Riegel is a 100% recycled polyester linen produced from Eco-Sure, a 100% post-consumer recycled PET as confirmed by Scientific Certification Systems. Simply put, one 20×20 napkin made from RieNu recycled polyester fabric eliminates three 16 oz. plastic bottles from our earth’s landfills.

RieNu by Riegel promises to look as beautiful and feel as touchable as Premier, a 100% spun polyester product. Quality tested and proven to perform equally as well, RieNu by Riegel is proven to maintain Premier’s high quality standards that are expected in the marketplace today. Each product made of RieNu 100% recycled polyester embraces and showcases the unique qualities inherent to the recycling process and as always is backed by Riegel’s guarantee of customer satisfaction.  Available in 6 earth inspired and awe inspiring colors, Riegel is shipping RieNu in stone, ebony, bamboo, moss, seascape, and bark.

The process is simple. Bales of plastic bottles are collected, sorted, and inspected to eliminate foreign materials.  These PET bottles are sterilized, dried, and crushed into small chips, melted down, and extruded into a new fiber.  The finished fiber is then dyed and woven before being sewn into napkins and tablecloths in a variety of earth-tone and spa-inspired colors.  A natural and slight variance in the fabric gives RieNu recycled polyester table linen a hint of rare exclusivity.

Riegel, a division of Mount Vernon Mills is located in Johnston, SC and has been making worry-free textiles since 1838.  Headquartered in Mauldin, SC Mount Vernon employs approximately 2700 people and operates 15 production facilities in the US.  Riegel is a name synonymous with quality in the hospitality, cruise line, rental linen, and healthcare markets.  Renowned for its superior level of customer service and product customization capabilities, Riegel offers quality products at competitive prices.  A one-stop textile shop, Riegel continues to expand its product offering for a worry-free experience for customers. 

For additional information on RieNu recycled table linen by Riegel, please call your local sales representative or customer service at 800-845-2232. In Canada, please contact JostCo Textiles International at 416-792-3800 for more information.  Canadian representatives are Jost Lehner and Peter Winstion.

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