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An International Baking Company Is Preserving Sourdough In A Library – Here’s How Their Dedication to Great Baking Can Help Your Business To Rise

By Karl De Smedt, Communication & Training Manager, Puratos Group

In the east of Belgium, not far from the German border, there is a small municipality called St. Vith. It has an interesting history, but it is the present and the future that make it a special place.

It’s here you’ll find the Puratos Center for Bread Flavour, a playground for people in the baking industry. At the heart of the Center is the remarkable Sourdough Library. Samples of more than 100 sourdoughs from around the world are preserved here. And this is no static display – these are all viable samples we both study and safeguard. Imagine a Noah’s Ark for sourdough (with an onboard lab!) and you’ve got the idea.

In fact, we recently inducted Canadian bakery Blackbird Baking Company’s ‘Murray’ culture into the collection. It’s the first such honor for Canada, and proves the value of unswerving devotion to your craft.

That Puratos would go so far as to establish the Sourdough Library shows our dedication and our passion for baking and quality food. We want to share our passion with you, and that means more than a tour of the library! (Which you can do virtually at www.bit.ly/PuratosVirtualLibrary – there’s even a virtual me there to show you around.)

There’s more to Puratos than our amazing sourdough collection, of course. We’re a global supplier of innovative products and ingredient solutions for baking, patisserie, and chocolate applications for foodservice businesses.

From glazes to fruit fillings, icings to cake mixes, bread mixes to Belgian chocolate (the world’s finest!) and of course sourdough, we have ingredient solutions for every category.

Our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop with a delivery, however. We also offer our expertise in product development and can help you develop the best cakes, muffins, flatbreads, sandwiches, desserts, snacks….. You name it, we have a recipe for everything!

At our Innovation Centers located around the world, we work together with our customers to develop delicious, market-ready recipes and products. From taste and texture, to the way ingredients interact, combined with the latest consumer trends, we can train and advise on all manner of foodservice concerns. We’ve even got a Virtual Innovation Center open online 24/7 for your after-hours emergencies.

Great food products made from the best ingredients, prepared by experts who truly care about what they do; that’s what we expect from ourselves, and it’s also our vision for all of our customers. Whether you run a sandwich shop or a Michelin-starred restaurant, choose us as your partner in innovation, and together we’ll keep you at the top of your game.

To learn more about what we do, and how we can help you build your business, pay us a virtual visit at www.puratos.ca

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