Royal Clam Bake Welcomes Royal Couple


DALVAY, P.E.I. — Newlywed royal couple Will and Kate will get a warm, culinary welcome when they land in Dalvay, P.E.I. on Monday, July 4.

According to the Island’s Guardian paper, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be treated to a meal (including an “exploding” clam bake) planned by chefs from the Culinary Institute of Canada.

According to The Guardian, chef Andrew Nicholson will spice up the clam bake by building a fire on the beach and heating river rocks for three to four hours before laying salt water-laden rockweed on them to create an “exploding” effect. “I’sve done a run-through and worked out a couple of kinks,” the chef told the paper. 

Clam bake aside, the event, which will cater to 2,400 guests, will be staffed by 85 Culinary Institute chefs.

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