Runway to Change


While the fashion world heralds the start of a new season by hitting the runways of  New  work, Paris and Milan, at Kostuch we’re marking the new season with a slate of exciting initiatives that extend across various media platforms.

In a world that continues to move faster and change more often, our company is doing its part to launch  innovative initiatives, usher in unique ideas and introduce more concepts and partnerships—and that doesn’t even take our name change into account. Effective immediately, Kostuch Publications will cease to exist, giving way to our new moniker, Kostuch Media Ltd.

What’s in a name, you ask? First and foremost, it’s reflective of the changing world of publishing and speaks to our evolving mandate. As consumers, we now look for  information beyond just the print medium, as we continue to be seduced by all things digital.

That’s not to say print is dead. In fact, it’s more alive and vibrant than ever. Content is king, but as a media company, how we deliver that content is changing daily and will be instrumental moving forward. From our renovated websites, to our invigorated weekly Newsblast and expanded digital offerings (watch for the debut this month of a new feature called Food Plus), we are embracing change and becoming better because of it.

But it doesn’t stop there. For years Kostuch has recognized the power of partnerships, and we’re happy to announce we’ve entered into several strategic alliances, which will ultimately help us produce better products. For example, this past January we inked a marketing alliance with Chicago-based Technomic Inc., a global industry leader, to co produce the Top 100/Top 50. Together, the partnership allows us to tap into more n-depth statistical analysis and provide more meaningful menu trend information, giving readers the necessary tools to do their jobs more effectively.

Late last year, we also forged a new relationship with Fisher Hospitality and Ryerson University to produce the Canadian Restaurant Market Report, an online operations product, providing restaurant operators across the country with data and statistical information on every aspect of running a restaurant to help them benchmark their businesses against industry averages.

And, at a time when local food has become a defining trend in foodservice, our partnership with Ontario’s Greenbelt Fund, will allow us to create a new product called the “Produce and Protein Guide.” It will be introduced in poster format next month for Ontario readers of our sister publication F&H with the goal of expanding it across the country next year.

Last, but certainly not least, as part of our company’s new mandate, we will focus on producing a increased number of signature events to inspire, educate and inform operators on a variety of important topics. In addition to the Top 100/Top 50 Awards Breakfast and the renowned Pinnacle Awards, we will also be hosting the G7 “Greening” panel in June, a new Menu TrendsConference, produced with Technomic Inc. in September and a Breakfast Speaker Series, to be rolled out later this year, as well as webinars on a variety of topics.

For more than 40 years Kostuch Publications has been serving the industry through the print medium, producing the kind of information our readers demand. Now, under the new umbrella Kostuch Media Ltd., we will be delivering more information in new and exciting ways. It may only be the beginning of the year but we’re already well on our way to reaching new heights.

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