Safe Food Canada Receives $1 Million in Funding


Mississauga, Ont.— The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has given Safe Food Canada, a not-for-profit organization, almost $1 million to help it advance food safety in Canada.

According to Brian Sterling, Canada has been investing time and money for years on disparate food-safety programs and initiatives. Sterling, will be taking over as president and CEO for Safe Food Canada this summer. Sterling says Safe Food Canada “will be a public-private partnership with the vision and means to become the focal point for creating a comprehensive, competency-based food protection learning system that will benefit all Canadians.”

Safe Food Canada aims to develop and deliver a food protection learning framework so that all food businesses and regulatory authorities can ensure that learning and training that pertain to food protection will be consistent and certified.

Safe Food Canada is made up of leaders from Canada’s food industry, government regulatory bodies and academia.

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