Sake It T.O. Me


TORONTO — Always looking to expand their cosmopolitan bona-fides, Toronto’s diners and drinkers will soon be able to add locally made sake to their drink lists, as The Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, in the city’s Distillery Historic District, is opening its brewery, retail store and tasting bar to the public Friday, April 29.

“Our sake’s fresh and delightful flavour is enhanced by using a very special spring water chosen among the abundant water resources of northern Ontario,” says Kaz Hayashi, general manager of the company. “All of our sake is hand-prepared in the Junmai pure rice style in several varieties, including unpasteurized Nama-Nama, for sale at the Distillery location brewery store and tasting counter.”

Brewery operation began in February with consultation from the Miyasaka Brewing Co., Ltd., whose operations in Japan date back to the 1600’s. It was because of Miyasaka’s team that Spring Water connected with Yoshiko Takahashi, an award-winning brewmaster from Nagano, Japan, who arrived in Toronto several months ago to support the start-up.

The kick off of retail operations will be followed by a delivery service to a select group of local restaurants as well as listing applications at the LCBO for one or more products.

A unique offering at the brewery’s retail store is its freshly pressed, unpasteurized and unfiltered sake, which is not available in Ontario or the eastern seaboard. Other items available in the high stone-walled retail area of the brewery will include a variety of sake-serving accessories and decorative items imported from Japan.

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company’s brewery is the first of its kind in Toronto and eastern North America.


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