Salad King Creates New Scholarship in Partnership with Ryerson University


TORONTO — Toronto’s Salad King restaurant has announced a scholarship to help Ryerson University students pursuing a masters or doctoral degree.

The new Ernest and Linda Liu Ontario Graduate Scholarship will provide $5,000 per year, which will be matched two to one by the province of Ontario for a total of $75,000 over a five-year period.

“Ryerson has been a big part of our restaurant’s success and we are very grateful for the support of both the students and staff over the past 25 years,” says Ernest Liu, owner of Salad King. “The scholarships and awards are just a small way for us to say thanks for all that the community has given us. As we mark Salad King’s 25th anniversary, it just made sense for us to increase our commitment to the university.”

Liu also awards five Salad King International Student Awards, worth $1,000 each, to international students studying at Ryerson. Students are selected based on five areas of student achievement and contribution: on-campus student leader, off-campus community builder, international student mentor, personal growth and mental health outreach campaigner.

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