Salisbury Shows Interest In Osborne Village Site


WINNIPEG — The doors haven’t yet closed at Papa George’s in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village, but there are already whispers of the prime real estate being taken over by Salisbury House Canada, a local comfort food chain.

“We’sll blend into the neighbourhood,” Earl Barish, president of the Salisbury House, told CBC News of the site at the corner of Osborne Street and River Avenue, one of the city’s busiest intersections.

Papa George’s, which is set to close next month, has become an institution in the area since 1977, but the owner is ready to retire. The space is rundown and will need renovations, but the CBC reports Salisbury is willing to spend up to a million on the project.

Meanwhile, according to the Winnipeg Free Press, reps from McDonald’s and Tim Hortons have also shown interest in the Osborne real estate.

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