Saskatoon Drive-Thru Restaurants Debated


SASKATOON — Drive-thru restaurants have been the topic of conversation in Saskatoon where Coun. Bev Dubois urged city council to consider restricting future drive-thrus to limit further problems with vehicle emissions, traffic congestion and safety.

“What it is really about for me is the safety issue. I am not talking about eliminating drive-thrus. That is not realistic. I’m simply saying in this day and age we should be able to find a way to have drive-thrus [that are] safe for other cars, cyclists and pedestrians,” she told the Toronto Star.

According to The Star Phoenix, Coun. Darren Hill said city staff should be working with, not against, businesses, to create solutions to overflowing drive-thrus.

The city report on a drive-thru moratorium is expected by June.

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