Saskatoon Food-Truck Operators Fight City Hall


SASKATOON, Sask. — Saskatoon food truck operators are fed-up with the city’s high licensing fees and lack of downtown parking.

The Saskatoon Food Truck Association is hoping the city finds more space for its operators. The association recently petitioned the municipality regarding this issue as well as the country’s highest per-capita food truck licensing and operating fees (a six-month license is $2,830).

On top of high fees, the city has also opted to gut some prime food-truck real-estate in the downtown core and are taking out existing parking spaces to make room for new bike lanes on bustling Fourth Avenue. “I have to say, first of all, I’m for bike lanes, that’s not the issue. But we’re losing that whole street, which was a pretty big street for us to park on last year,” Caley Dallin, owner of the Soom Soom truck, which offers Middle Eastern fare, told The Star-Phoenix.

Four years ago, the city only had two food trucks operating within the city limits and now there are nine, with a tenth on the way.

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