Saskatoon Restaurant Pays Tribute To Historical Gangster


SASKATOON — The community of Riversdale, Sask., will soon get a taste of its rich history, when Two Gun Quiche House, a gangster-inspired restaurant opens in September.

Chef and owner Bill Mathews sold quiche at Saskatoon Farmer’s Market before making plans to expand to a full-service restaurant.

He used famous Saskatoon gangster Morris “Two-Gun” Cohen as inspiration for the 40-seat restaurant, which is inspired by the 1920s, complete with cherry tables, chandeliers and photos of historical gangsters.

“As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you’sre going to be taken right back to the 1920s. All the fixtures are 1920s style, the theme is 1920s style. I’m going to have pictures up of the famous gangsters like Al Capone, Scarface, Bonnie and Clyde and also pictures of Riversdale, what it looked like back in its day,” Mathews told News Talk 650.

The menu offers house-made quiche, Italian sandwiches, soups and main courses.

The restaurant is set to open Sept. 1.

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