Sawridge Inns Renovates Edmonton Inn


EDMONTON – The Sawridge Inn Edmonton South is sporting a new look in its atrium. The main level of the property has been completely transformed to include Creations dining room and lounge and Creations art gallery.

“Our goal was to create a space that reflects the Sawridge heritage in a warm, welcoming and natural environment,” said John MacNutt, CEO of the Sawridge Group of Companies. The 166-seat dining room will feature what the company calls “eclectic regional fusion” cuisine. As part of its new look, the dining room features eight-foot hoodoos, an enormous dream catcher, a 12-foot long fireplace and a 17-foot water wall. It also includes a private dining room for up to 10 guests.

The art gallery will showcase new works throughout the year. When not reserved for special events, it’s an ideal setting for guests to relax and enjoy Canadian art by established and up-an-coming artists.


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