Scarborough Hospital Gets Healthy Food Menu


SCARBOROUGH, Ont. — Patients at Scarborough Hospital will soon have new healthier food options that they can order from their bedside.

In part of a larger project, launched by Anne Marie Males, the hospital’s vice-president of Patient Experience, the “Refreshing-Our-Menu” project was launched with a $191,000 grant from the province and the Greenbelt Fund. The money paid for an upgraded kitchen, bedside ordering and the hiring of chef Joshna Maharaj to develop the healthy food menu.

The new patient menu includes Ontario carrot and ginger soup, Moroccan chicken, brown lentil and rice pilaf and mini chocolate cupcakes made with spelt flour.

“I really thought if I could get a homemade chicken soup, a homemade congee and a fresh-baked bun on the menu I’sd have won,” Anne Marie Males told “I had no idea it would evolve into this all encompassing project.”

On average, the food cost for this healthy project adds up to an extra $0.33 per patient.

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