Scotsman Launches Meridian Product Line with Foodservice Applications


VERNON HILLS — With the introduction of Meridian from Scotsman, foodservice operations now have a choice that incorporates the latest in ice- and water-dispensing technology. Meridian was developed with space, production and installation in mind and offers premium reliability, time-saving serviceability and convenient cleaning innovations in one all-new lineup.

In addition to improving its ice- and water-dispensing equipment, Scotsman has optimized its popular nugget ice form. Meridian units will produce the new H2Nugget ice form which is easier to dispense while still being the softest, most chewable ice on the market. Additionally, the units’ large dispensing area offers more room for cups, bottles and larger vessels, helping to minimize spillage and allow for efficient filling.

“Meridian units can be used in many environments where there is a need for an efficient and reliable source for ice and water, such as office spaces, hospitality suites, cafeterias, convenience stores and smaller cafes and restaurants,” said Jeff Biel, director of product development for Scotsman. “By offering the smallest available operational footprint relative to capacity, we’re giving the foodservice industry an option that maximizes space while delivering reliability, efficiency and easier maintenance.”

Product enhancements, such as greaseless bearings and improved infrared sensors, and heavy-duty construction ensure a reliable operation while minimizing downtime. Additionally, product testing results indicate that Meridian units can operate up to 15 percent more efficiently than the competition—demonstrating a lower total lifecycle cost that can positively impact an operation’s bottom line.

Meridian models utilize common parts across the product platform for easier servicing, and their improved accessibility makes the units easier to clean, maintain and operate. For example, the reusable slide-out external air filter helps keep the machine running at optimum capacity and efficiency, and the convenient QR code instantly connects users to unit-specific data and warranty history to expedite service.

Meridian models also provide for fast, effective cleaning to ensure safe conditions and reliable, uninterrupted operation. They feature a sanitary design with touch-free dispensing and Agion® antimicrobial protection.

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